Demo Release Trailer

Friday, December 23, 2016

Some goodies before christmas break.

First off, the windowskin is done, and now I've set things up in a very clean split-screen mode.

 Seen also is a few neat lighting effects and some adjustments.

There's also 8 busts per character with a range of expressions, more on those, later.

So now we have a little christmas freebie for ya, a wallpaper for 1920x1080, courtesy of yours truly!
Drawn by Bizarre Monkey
I've also been working on the plot, graphics and such. More on all that later. For now have a merry christmas and enjoy the new year!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Something to actually show, at last!

This is only a mock up, but it helps show the kind of Atmosphere I'm going for.
So here's a bit of non-combat gameplay.

I've also done work on the three girls rooms.

So yes, as you can see I've been hard at work, I've also been mapping out the Island of Vahnus, most of that is done, the first pass of the story script is very rough, but it's on its way, and at last Max M. Dominora, the games composer, is back at work, and so he's recently done Svoli's battle theme.
I'm looking forward to doing more on this game. Consider most of what you see graphics-wise placeholders.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Bedrooms

Just doing some concepts for environments, the bedrooms are littered with detail. These are just some rough sketches.

Feel free to obsess over those, there'll be more concepts coming, don't even worry.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

At long last, the breakthrough we needed.

You may have noticed a few small changes, in particular the header of the blog has been changed to a new title image.

Well, that issue I was having concerning stakes, it's resolved, and it's amazing. I don't wanna spoil it, but man-- I'm looking forward to working on this more and more, and showing you guys what we have here, it's pretty incredible...

There was a chance I'd put this project on the backburner and work on Crowfeast instead, but that chance is gone, now I've found an ingenious solution and it's taking all of my restraint not to blurt it all out like an obsessed fan-girl, but it's something that I'm sure would best to be witnessed first hand.

Hoping to have Disk 1 ready by 3 / 14 of 2017, but we'll see. There is much to be done, for my artists, my composer, and for me, even in just the Prologue and first disk.

In case you're wondering, Disk 1 will be the demo. Then there's Disk 2, Disk 3 and Disk Δ for the full game.

For now, here's a 1280x720 desktop wallpaper if you have support for that resolution.
Click to enlarge, then right click and save image as.